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SEARCH & RESCUE From the Indian Ocean to the Alpine Mountains.

Two SAR Case Studies: Twin Otter and AW109 

10 June 2020     3pm CET/ 2pm BST/ 9am EDT

Led by our CSO Marcus Gurter





There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Search and Rescue (SAR) aircraft or a universal SAR sensor package. However, it is possible to get a custom-tailored and affordable solution for new or existing platforms through a single source solution provider. Learn all about the various parameters that set each customer demand apart: from rotary or fixed wing - new or your already existing aircraft – from Indian Ocean SAR to Alpine Mountain SAR. Every customer requirement is unique so should be your special mission aircraft.

Join our webinar if you want to find out what sets your SAR mission apart from the rest. Upgrade your aircraft to a leading-edge MSAR platform while still having the best value-for-money solution.
Two case studies (rotary or fixed wing) show that there are no limits to creative design and engineering to fulfil a customer needs.



• Learn about Airborne Technologies – a one-stop-shop from design to production, to installation, to integration and EASA certification
• How to get your individual sensors airborne, and integrated as a SAR System?
• Cleaning up a common misconception: EASA compliant sensor integration can ONLY come from the manufacturer
• Find out what sets your SAR mission apart from the rest
• Discuss two case studies (rotary or fixed wing) that show there are no limits to creative design and engineering to fulfil customer needs



Marcus Gurtner is CSO and co-founder of Airborne Technologies. As an EASA certified Design and Production Organisation the company is devoted to the mission of making sensors airborne.
From the very beginning though, his career has been aviation dedicated. He started as a sales manager for standard and mission aircraft. Over the years, he has focused on special sensor applications for fixed and rotary wing platforms. Through continuous cooperation with leading industry players, he has established a firm corporate network of partners and friends. With more than 15 years of experience and counting, he is an expert in the field of airborne surveillance.


  • Heads of Navy, Coast Guard
  • Heads of Maritime ISR, Naval Surveillance, Unmanned Stems
  • RADAR Specialists
  • C2 ISR Program Manager
  • C4ISTAR Experts