Precision Farming & Agriculture Management

The customers for precision farming & agriculture management are farmers, agricultural cooperative organizations, agriculture funds, national departments of agriculture etc.

References precision farming CeresCeres

References precision farming Ceres
Project name: Ceres
Description: Data acquisition with hyperspectral sensor. Analysis regarding water stress, salinity stress, disease-caused stress, nutrient deficiency and yield estimation.
Sensors: SPECIM Aisa EAGLE
Specification: hyperspectral-GSD: 50cm and 1m
Area: 3000ha
Country: Bulgaria
Year: 2012


Soil analysis and plant disease detection WaldviertelSoil analyses and plant disease detection Waldviertel

Soil analysis and plant disease detection Waldviertel
Project name: ThemAMap
Description: Data acquisition with VNIR & SWIR-hyperspectral sensors. We have done plant disease detection and soil analysis.
Sensors: Hyspex VNIR-1600 & SWIR 320m-e
Specification: hyperspectral-GSD: 50cm
Area: 2500ha
Country: Austria
Year: 2012