Pipeline Monitoring

Airborne Technologies offers a comprehensive and modular pipeline monitoring and inspection concept, developed in cooperation with the leading Austrian pipeline operator - Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (TAG) - tailored to the pipeline industry. 

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Gas Pipeline Monitoring
Project name: TAG - Trans Austria Gasleitung
Description: Complete Pipeline Monitoring of the TAG system that comprises three parallel pipelines and the auxiliary equipment for each, including compressor stations and exit/entry points.
EO/IR Camera: Wescam MX-10
Airborne Laserscanner: RIEGL LMS-Q680i, RIEGL LMS-Q660
Bathymetric Laserscanner: RIEGL VQ-820-G, RIEGL VQ-880-G
Aerial Imaging: IGI medium Size Camera System, Thermal Camera
Imaging Spectroscopy: Hyspex VNIR-1600, Hyspex SWIR-320m-e, Specim Eagle II
Pipeline Line: 380 km
Area: Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria and Carinthia, and on to Arnoldstein on the border between Austria and Italy.
Country: Austria
Year: 2017


Orthophoto TAG                                                                                                                 Digital Surface Model