Vulcanair P68 - GISPRO 2020

Upgrade of a Vulcanair P68 Observer into a leading-edge aerial surveying platform equipped with a modern workstation and 3 sensors.


TH8 0532 KLEIN BUNT multisensorintegrations
Vulcanair P68 Observer Multisensor Integration
workstation REGA forne s IMG 6092

Tactical workstation


Cockpit with pilot status monitor
1 OOG 9331 1024x683  IMG 6034
Ultracam Eagle Mark 3 Large Format Camera  Main Hatch
IMG 6069 IMG 5905
Riegl VQ 780i Laserscanner Rear Hatch
IMG 5773

 Video Gispro







Hasselblad A6D in Middle Hatch                                           Watch our video...