Sensor Equipment

It can be a very long, expensive and resource-sapping process to get the final aircraft sensor package approved and operational. We take this burden off the client's shoulders and he stays concentrated on his business. Depending on the requirements of our customers’ project, Airborne Technologies has the ability to install sensor equipment into either fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft.

Airborne Laser Scanner
Airborne Laser Scanner applications represent the shape of the earth surface in an idealized way by a certain number of discrete points of known position and altitude. The applications and finally the products (e.g. digital elevation model) are today one of the standard products of land surveying.

Large Format Cameras
Large-format cameras produce digital frame images with image sizes of 50 megapixels and more. These cameras are fully stabilized by special mounts and can compensate fully the changes in the roll, pitch and heading of the survey aircraft.

Hyper Spectral Sensors
Hyper Spectral Sensors collect information as a set of 'images'. Each image represents a narrow wavelength range of the electromagnetic spectrum, also known as a spectral band. These images are combined to form a three-dimensional hyper spectral data cube for processing and analysis.

Thermal Cameras
Thermal camera systems are used in applications where temperature reading is essential. These systems are normally used to classify the temperatures of the detected “Hot spots”. Thermal mapping applications are becoming more important, as energy losses by heat dissipation are undesirable from both an economical and an ecologic point of view.

Airborne Geophysics Equipment
Airborne geophysics equipment include several different sensors such as Airborne Magnetometer, Gamma Ray Spectrometer and Gravimeter.