Surveillance Systems, transmitting more actionable data to both the crew and the ground units, are becoming more and more complex. Overriding aim of Airborne Technologies is to optimize the interaction of people and state-of-the-art technology. Our strategy is not only to deliver the hardware but also to realize the integration and thus to develop a tailor-made setting together with the customer. For Airborne Technologies it is a matter of course to support the customer even if the system has already been fielded in order to optimize its performance.

Our ISR Services include:



Setting into operation

We proactively support our customers through to the place of operation and assure local assistance until everything is set. We offer support in:

  • Setting up of a command center
  • Setting up of communication between ground station and aircraft, respectively aircraft and ground operation
  • Calibration of sensors

ISR Training

We are pleased to offer a complete Training Package covering training for pilots as well as for aircraft & sensor engineers and sensor operators.
Based on our experience gained through our own fleet of aircraft & sensor operations we are able to provide consultancy in respect of the syllabus, the number of trained persons and the duration of the training.


isr training

Managed service

Our worldwide network and access to former military and police pilots and operators allows us to support ISR services for police and military forces such as search and rescue, monitoring infrastructure or homeland security from surveillance by the hour up to full 24/7 ISR services such as border patrol and maritime patrol.

The 'surveillance by the hour' service is aimed at government departments, organisations and corporations that require low volume, seasonal or ad hoc aerial surveillance solutions.
Managed services can be applied for:

  • Day/Night Patrol
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Homeland Security
  • Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure • Reconnaissance
  • Border Patrol
  • Maritime/Coastal Patrol

Our ambition is to keep the communication lines open with all our customers in order to understand more about the operational requirements and to be able to propose upgrades and introduction of new features to ensure that the system performs optimally during field operation.