Precision Farming & Agriculture Management

The customers for precision farming & agriculture management are farmers, agricultural cooperative organizations, agriculture funds, national departments of agriculture etc.

Precision Farming is the management of agricultural land by observing and responding to small-scale intra-field plant growth conditions. Differences within these growth conditions can be attributed to soil type, topographic relief, soil water supply, soil nutrient supply, density of plant population and other factors. Future cultivation methods can take into account the heterogeneity of arable fields and the different plant populations.

Due to the use of precision farming methods, resources applied during the management of arable fields can be dramatically reduced. Savings in time, money, fuel and the economic use of natural resources lead to a sustainable arable economy.

By using our highly sophisticated sensor technology, we are able to support the precision agriculture cycle with innovative products to enhance yields and to reduce crop damage.

  • Yield estimation and biomass estimation
  • Crop monitoring
  • Large scale detection of plant diseases and pest infestation
  • Rural land mapping
  • Land use mapping
  • Soil analyis
  • Vegetation analysis (Chlorophyll, Trace Elements, etc.)

Our final products are fully OGC and ISOBUS compatible. 

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Precision Farming BiomassBiomass (g/m²)

Precision Farming Biochemical IndicesBiochemical Indices (SIPI)

Open Soil AnalysisOpen Soil Analysis