Planning Work & Construction Process

The customers that use AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES products for planning and construction works are mainly planning offices and construction companies.

Modern infrastructure projects require high quality and high-resolution geographical data. AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES covers the entire range of data acquisition for small-scale to large-scale projects:

  • Power Line Mapping
  • Base data for construction and infrastructure
  • Pipeline inspection and monitoring
  • Urban planning and mapping
  • Change detection analysis and mapping
  • Corridor mapping

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Digital Terrain ModelDigital Surface Model

Digital Terrain ModelDigital Terrain Model

Counter LinesCounterlines

Cross ProfileCross Profile

Inventory MapInventory Map

Longitudinal ProfileLongitudinal Profile


Our surveying flights allow fast and efficient recording even over difficult terrain for

  • Planning studies for new constructions
  • Stocktaking and documentation
  • Quantity calculations
  • Detection of terrain and quantity changes by repeated flights
  • 3D-Simulation of new constructions
  • 3D-Models

The final products are easy to handle with standard software, e.g. AutoCAD, ArcGIS, etc.