Pipeline Monitoring

A permanent monitoring is mandatory for pipeline operators to ensure safe operation. Due to the large spatial extent of a pipeline system, airborne remote sensing is the most efficient method to identify and monitor changes and threats of the pipelines during the decades of their lifecycle.

We offer a comprehensive and modular pipeline monitoring and inspection concept, developed in cooperation with the leading Austrian pipeline operator (Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH (TAG) - tailored to the pipeline industry.
We have the experiance, capability and an international aerial monitoring & surveiying industry network to conduct operations worldwide. Our dedicated and specially configured aircraft are particularly suitable and they are designed to carry the latest sensor systems to maximize data collection and accuracy.

Our service comprises Pipeline Monitoring, Initial Base Map Data as well as the Update of Base Map Data:

  • Actual spatial information provision (monitoring)
  • Thread identification
  • Change detection
  • Documentation
  • Map production
  • River crossing survey
  • Detection of underground pipelines
  • Geohazard analysis
  • Marker identification
  • Right of way management
  • Identification of buildings and dumps
  • Identification of overgrowth

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