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AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES Data Acquisition & Processing Department operates in the field of remote sensing and geophysics from aerial platforms using a large range of equipment like Laser Scanners, Hyperspectral Scanners, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Thermal-Cameras, Aeromagnetic sensors etc. to cover a wide range of applications depending on the requirements of our customers. By using the experiences of our multidisciplinary team of highly qualified engineers and a network of scientific partners, we are able to develop tailored solutions for each customer's needs. One of our specialties is the multi-sensor application with up to 6 sensors operating simultaneously in one flight.

AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES has the capability to supply huge amounts of geodata to the market due to manpower, technical equipment and our modern production center. The knowledge of our employees, the availability of different sensors, and expertise in data processing allows us to offer application to various business divisions.


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